Shirtless Amanda Bynes & Her Boobs Think She Needs To Lose 35 Pounds

19Despite our pleas, it seems that Amanda Bynes is still on her bizarre kick.

The former child star took to Twitter yesterday to Tweet about how she needs to a lose a whole bunch of weight, all while not wearing a shirt. Because that’s how you get people talking about body issues!

Amanda posted two Tweets yesterday in just her bra, one that read “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!” And another, “One more pre make up!” So, there’s really a lot we need to discuss here. 

I wanna know what scale Amanda is using that tells her she’s 135 pounds, cause that is clearly a lie. Although those absurdly fake boobs might be adding a bit of weight. But really, she thinks she needs to lose 35 pounds? Then she’ll just be a walking stick and that would be terrifying.

So here’s the thing Amanda, you are a lovely girl and you’re super talented, so why have you resorted to posting shirtless pictures on Twitter? Well, to be fair this is the most coverage she’s gotten in years. Think she’d still have been a famous actress without all her recent drama? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!