Shirtless Adam Sabbagh Shows Off Abs, Works Out

Hot damn boy, look at that body! Former Mr. Arab, Adam Sabbagh, decided to make the most of the Los Angels heat wave by hitting the beach to do a little working out. Well, not so much working out as lounging around without a shirt on for paparazzi to take photographs of him.

The Lebanese born actor, model and humanitarian recently wrapped up work on his first feature film, Mansion of Blood, which co-stars Gary Busey. I really hope this film is realeased in theatres because it sounds super bizarre.

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Lounging on the beach like that Adam almost looks like he could be part of the cast of Magic Mike. You know how those actors like to just hang around wearing as little as possible. Oh wait, that’s how I like them to be hanging around.

Launch the gallery to appreciate Adam’s fantastic body. Mmm, pretty body. Like, just the right amount of muscle to tallness ratio. Loving Adam’s hot bod? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!