Shirley McClaine Quote Of The Day

September 28th, 2005 // 34 Comments

On Paris Hilton.

“She just shops and turns up to parties.”

“So she wears pink and has blonde hair and suddenly calls herself not a starlet or an ingenue – no, according to Paris, she is a movie star.

“It irritates me. In my day, you had to really work. It took BETTE DAVIS seven years of hard slog to reach the point where her name was above the title on a movie.”

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. veelee

    Work it Shirley. You slap that little bitch around.

  2. aadd22

    Now now, just because no one under the age of 30 knows who the crud Shirley McClain is doesn’t automatically make her BITTER, oh wait, yes it does.

  3. AER

    People who don’t know who Shirley McClaine is and who actually like Paris Hilton should be shot.

  4. tooty

    Cannonball Run II, in my humble opinion, is what cemented her right up there with Bette Davis

  5. Patrick

    You tell that ugly wannabe actress PH the way it is shirley. You are the TRUE actress, not this loopy, renagede, retard eyed homely dog. GO SHIRLEY, GO SHIRLEY!!

  6. Shirley McClaine is my idol. Now.

  7. Just curious

    What did Jon Bon Jovi and Gretchen Wilson say about this fugly bitch Paris? Does anyone know? Just curious. Evidently they do not like her much either. They said some not to flattering things about her I guess. Personally, I think it is funny how Valentino and McClaine etc. etc. and all these other celebs are starting to speak out about what a ugly skanky classless untalented homely twat she trully is. Something P.Lastis family figured out finally. Thankfully.

  8. mischa

    Shirley MACLAINE is beautiful and brillaint.

  9. Michelle

    Shirley rox.

  10. roodie

    Wasn’t she kinda a part-time member of the Rat Pack?

    Far be it for me to standup for Paris, but if Shirley was partying and boozing it up out in Vegas with Dean Martin, Sinatra, and Sammy in her 20s — how is that much different than Paris today?

    I always find it funny when older generation forgets they acted pretty much the same as the younger generations today.

  11. AER

    Roodie, the difference is that The Rat Pack had some class, and you never saw them or their women sucking dick and baring their asses. HUGE difference.

  12. Cynthia

    Wait a minute! Shirley McClain is like, 65 years old. There is no way in hell she went around in her 20′s (or 30′s, 40′s or 50′s for that matter) pulling her dress up (or down) to show her body, made a sex video, called people niggers…. No, back then, people actually tried to show a little class. Something Paris Hilton is incapable of doing!

  13. tempy

    I love the fact that the old school thinks the New School AINT NOTHIN. First Karl Lagerfeld blasts Miss Racist Media Whore Paris, now Shirley McClaine. Shirley is the BOMB. Paris has never acted in a good movie or been nominated for anything except Whore of the Year.


  14. mischa


    What did Karl say about Paris?? I love it…

  15. qwerty

    The rat pack had class? I agree with most of what is being said here, but that’s pushing it. Get thee to your local bookstore and read a few books about the ‘real’ things that were going on back then. That’s like saying people in the Victorian age used to have less sex — sheesh. I do agree, society today is more transparent, less whitewashing — but in a way, isn’t that why this website even exists and we all visit?

  16. tad

    Right on qwerty, we ALL feed the beast here. These people are a creation of the people who watch them. It’s funny to watch the same people who build them up, tear them down.

  17. Cynthia

    I have no idea what those people did back then. Nor do I care. I am not a big fan of any of them. But try and find a photo of Shirley McClain pulling her clothes up, bending over without underpants, etc. I doubt one exists.
    And I have NEVER built up any of these skanks! My money does not buy their products, movies, etc.

  18. ha!ha!


  19. AER

    querty, I don’t have to get myself to a bookstore, my grandmother lived it with those individuals. There’s a difference between doing things in private (i.e. showing a little self-respect and class) and showing you’re trash to the entire world. I mean, what happened to a little bit of “this is unacceptable” from the world. WTF!?! Apparently it’s okay now to make money off of your own sex videos, show your cooch every time you step into and out of cars, etc., and expect the public to adore you and prance around red carpets with a straight face. Give me a break… Once upon a time, people were ruined over this sort of stuff, and I wish that perhaps we could have a little of that era back.

  20. tempy

    Mischa – Lagerfeld said she’s nothing…That the Hilton’s don’t have anything and that she’s not more than just a fad. Something to that effect…AND he would NOT design her wedding gown.

    I will never support anything that ostrich lookin skank endorses. I won’t even go to Carl Jr’s now…

  21. krysten

    I find it hilarious how you all visit these websites, then bitch about everything. This is what’s called entertainment. It’s almost like you’re obsessed with Paris. Paris is entertainment. Britney’s demon spawn is entertainment. Anna Nicole’s big ass boobies are entertainment. Sorry, but I love these websites for what they are — gossip, topical news, and entertainment — for the love of god stop trying to dissect modern society in the comments section of a gossip website.

  22. audrey77

    Agreed. The fact that I’m reading this site AND actually posting comments about this shite puts me about one tick about Paris. However, that’s still 3 ticks above Tara reid.

  23. lolly

    Tempy: While Valentino and Lagerfeld are both designers, they are NOT the same person.

    Shirley is brilliant and talented and she was quite sexy (not whorey) in her day. Rent “The Apartment.”

  24. oc9922

    I can’t believe AER pulled the “My Grandma was in the Rat Pack card”. Did she get any Rat Pack lovin’?

  25. AER

    Damn right… My grandma used to partay. No word on whether she got some Rat Pack lovin’, but she swears that Sammy was “queer as a three dollar bill”.

  26. oc9922

    See, that info right there is the reason I visit

  27. mischa

    tempy – thanks for that update. You rock sista!

    lolly – Oliver or Karl, we still get the drift.

    Blog on people. This site has certainly filled the void in my life since quitting smoking. I still take all the same breaks it’s just less obvious.


  28. veelee

    Hey krysten –
    Gossiping IS bitching. It’s all one and the same. And yes, Paris and all her loser friends ARE entertainment and that’s why it’s fun to BITCH and GOSSIP about them. That’s what this site is for. We are not trying to dissect modern society, we just want to put our two cents in, as we freely should. Stop contradicting yourself with a lecture that makes no sense and have some fun! Cheers.

  29. RS

    Like for reals, Paris knows what she is doing. It seems to me like Shirley just wants some of the spotlight on her.

  30. Paris Hilton calls herself a movie star? She’s been in two movies! A home made porno (which she didn’t even know was going to be released to the public) and “House of Wax” (I guess we can consider that to be a movie.)

    That’s it. Those are the two movies she’s been in. Hell, if you’re an extra in the background of a movie, you’re more of a “movie star” than Paris Hilton.

  31. emma peel

    please forgive my rudeness, but reading these almost similar comments-mine included, made about PH almost everday makes me realize how bored we are about what is going on around us. i bet if we have better things to do, none of us with have time nor care what she does every day, let alone making these comments.

  32. Neferi

    In reply to that Valentino comment of last week Hilton would likely have said something similar to “(That) F–ing Dweeb. I’ll just won’t buy anything from him anymore, and tell all my friends what a piss he is and they won’t either. And I have a lot of friends” In reply to the Shirley MaClaine comment she will likely give an interview in which she will hiss “OOOHH I am ssooooo hardworking. I’m always promoting, calling, contacting and everything. I even have to have breakfast in bed I’m so worn down.” (served by her MALE servants) The more others pile onto her the more half hearted her resistance will become, however. I wonder if anyone in that tinseltown ever reads these comments here. That would set ‘em back a bit, I reckon.

  33. Cynthia

    This girl is so delusional about hereself it’s not even funny. All of her stupid movies, singing career, book, perfume, jewelry, tv show—whatever crap she is involved with—could fail miserably and she still wouldn’t go away, as long as she is being photographed. Which means she will be here forever. Sigh….
    One of the many people who get arrogance confused with confidence.

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