Jennifer Lopez Is Shrinking Back To Size

Knowing Jennifer Lopez, and her dedication to fitness, we’re guessing that there’s a relatively impressive post-baby body underneath that dress she’s wearing. Here she is on the red carpet for the premiere of the Rolling Stones documentary, Shine A Light, showing little evidence of the approximately 50 lbs. gained during her pregnancy.

According to Lopez, “It’s amazing how your stomach goes goes boop and it’s this jiggly mass.” She also said that she’s fascinated with the body she’s developed after giving birth to twins, “I even play with my little leftover belly.” What a horrible mother–isn’t that time that could be better spent playing with her children? Or at the very least, posing for photo-shoots with them? I’m kidding, of course.

Now, I think that she looks amazingly good so soon after having her babies, but I don’t know that wearing a dress that looks the side of an accordion is the most flattering choice–well, ever really.

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images