Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Makes an Appearance

February 26th, 2007 // 30 Comments


Shiloh! Zahara! America’s Most Beloved and Photogenic family made an appearance. I’m glad Ange is over that whole post-partum depression deal wherein she thought Shiloh was just a “blob” because she wasn’t retrieved from some horrific orphanage in a faraway land. Seriously, for a second there I thought it was gonna be a Christina Crawford moment. Where Angie would have a big birthday party for her and every other gift would go to Z or Maddox. And she’d be like “but Mommy, those are my gifts!” and Angelina, beautiful and eyes flashing, would look over and explain that “Maddox and Zahara come from something real, Shiloh and you come from my very own uterus. I was raised here in the capitalist pig United States where I had it easy. So did you. Maddox and Zahara come from strife so they deserve more things. You are a white devil. Embrace it. Now go kneel on some rice, oppressor.”

By J. Harvey

  1. J

    It always seems like in the same set of pictures, a kid is absent in one, and then they suddenly appear. Like Angie’s in a marathon and instead of picking up a cup of water, someone hands her a baby.

    (I do realize there’s probably someone else holding her in the first pic that we can’t see.)

  2. Kelly Rummelhart

    Hey, Christina got to keep one gift, and even one she picked out. I’m guessing she always chose the dolls, jewelry . . . but never any WIRE HANGERS!

    I’m thinking they’ll make Shiloh go to a “summer camp” in Haiti. I can imagine the postcard home already!

  3. jannre

    I noticed that Whorelina doesn’t hold poor little Shiloh the blob…

  4. Sarah

    Okay. Good. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who thought her comments about Shiloh being the “least favorite” of her kids was slightly odd and disturbing.

  5. Jinxy McDeath

    Actually the exact same comment was made by Gwen Stefani about her son too. When they are little they ARE blobs! However, if something goes awry, Brad will naturally take the little goddess. You have got to admit that baby is gorgeous.

  6. BRAT

    I was thinking the exact same thing as jannre… Angelina is never photographed holding Shiloh… it’s always Brad.. Angelina’s always got one of the colored babies :P

  7. I cannot believe there are people out there that would defend this piece of trash…

    “”I think I feel so much more for Madd and Zee because they’re survivors, they came through so much. Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born. I have less inclination to feel for her…I met my other kids when they were 6 months old, they came with a personality. A newborn really is this…Yes, a blob! ”

    Fingers crossed that Shiloh hits 15, and kills mommy dearest in her sleep…then moves on to shack Mad who is in rehab for the 20th time. (Zee will have offed herself LONG ago)

  8. SiervaMaria

    Why is it Gwen Steffani not only calls her kid a blob, but Shiloh one to, yet people have amnesia about it and can only remember Angelina did?

    Anyway, great pic’s. Those girls are sweeties, and their parents aint to shabby either.

  9. akare

    I agree man I think all babies are blobs so what! and they have 3 kids so it is just normal to bring one out while the others play, have naps, go to school, geeezzz my nephew is a blob and I think he is boring but I would still give my life for him. That is life!

  10. attn Janre

    jannre said:
    I noticed that Whorelina doesn’t hold poor little Shiloh the blob…

    Posted on February 26, 2007 04:29 PM

    I’ve lurked here pretty much from it’s begining, and it blows my mind that you have never strayed from the same subject, or nastiness and I don’t know whether to applaud you for your stedfastness, or shake my head at how sad it is that you have been obsessed with hatred for this person for so long. Seriously speaking, it’s a bit odd that you have taken time for this long to make sure not one thread bearing Angelina goes away without your making sure you’ve reminded the world (within the convines of this site that is) what you feel for her.

  11. and yet you’re “LURKING” is just as f^cking creepy!

    it’s like, i’ve been sitting in this park watching the young boys walk in and out of the bathroom and i notice you doing the same thing…and SHAME ON YOU!!!


  12. akare

    geez people, none here has a life or we would not be posting for shit like this. Asume your creepyness, like ME

  13. Calling SiervaMaria.

    I have not love for Gwen Stephani, but since you brought it up…

    A) Gwen said it in a joking fashion…not with “logic” behind it, and not in defense of why Shiloh is the least favorite of “her” kids.

    B) How many pics do you see of Gwen and her baby… aaaaaaaa Shit-Load. Pay attention. Last time i saw this bitch with Shiloh in her arms, was last OCTOBER.

    Brad = Brain Dead Puppet.

    Angelina = Attention-greedy, home-wrecking, WHORE.

    As for them “Looking good”…they look like the poster couple for AIDS prevention. “This too could happen to you.”

  14. duh

    it’s not the fact that angelina jolie called shiloh a blob that’s troublesome, but the fact that she says she feels more towards her other kids and that she has less inclination to feel for shiloh.

    yes, i think it’s odd too that angie’s never seen holding shiloh, she doesn’t even look at her in these pictures! and on the magazine cover that revealed shiloh to the public for the first time, she looks like she’s eyeing shiloh about to eat it!

  15. attn Janre et al

    Please don’t attempt to spin it as it only makes it sound even more dizzy. Point at the end of the day is “this is not now, nor has it ever been in any size shape or form a place for people who don’t hate Angelina Jolie.” There has never been a thread “no matter how non controversial” that didn’t act like a divining rod and lead to some of the most vile posts I’ve ever encountered no matter the subject. Never expect glowing words about her, but some of the plain off the wall theories are damn looney, and I’ve finally realized that this is in fact simply a wee bit less angry at all things Jolie site than say FemaleFirst. As far as my lurking, trust me, in the last 3 months I’ve popped in all of 5-7 times, and that’s simply been because I wondered if it was status quo on some stuff. It is, and I fully expected it.

    The thing is this, This place once had some balance. One could debate an issue and do it without animosity forming. No more. It’s just ugly in here now. It’s ventVille, and that really does suck.

    Don’t worry, I finally got it, and so back to your usual usual, and no need to concern yourself with the likes of me.

  16. jannre

    I don’t like Angelina, never did, never will. I tell em like I see em. I stopped having any respect for her when she slobbered all over her brother at an awards show, and told the world how much “in love” she was with him. And she went downhill from there. All this charity crap is just to make herself look better, and she really should stop talking because she lets stupidity fall out of her mouth…sorry if that offends her fans, but thats my opinion, and Im sticking to it.

  17. Mel

    Oi dicks – do you think you are seeing EVERY moment of Angelina’s life with her baby? Err…methinks not.

    Besides – if she’s not holding Shiloh on a regular basis who’s to say she is not suffering from postnatal depression?

  18. Jo Armstrong

    Everyone who here has commented about how lame, how uncaring, how much of a whore, and everything else needs to snap out of it. Do you really care how these people live their lives?? Do you know them?? Why comment on this stuff. They are a family and that is that. I still think that it is really no ones business. Do you think they give a crap about what you think or how you live your lives? Not! They have more important things to do. And believe me, any woman who has commented on this page would drop their boyfriend/ husband in 2 seconds if Brad wanted to get with you. And even if he had the kids in tow and didnt like or want children your asses would be all over it! Get real.

  19. Emily

    Well said; you hit the nail on the head.

  20. Jinxy McDeath

    Do you really care how these people live their lives?? Do you know them?? Why comment on this stuff. They are a family and that is that. I still think that it is really no ones business. Do you think they give a crap about what you think or how you live your lives?

    Thank you! I think it’s the complete meltdown that happens when Jennre sees Angelina Jolie’s name. It’s almost like Tourettes syndrome. As is alternym’g to agree with oneself. Oh, yeah. The baby is cute, they make a beautiful couple, nothing more or less.

  21. ms. conception

    My question is why are they always dreesed as if they are attending a funeral? It’s always black or dark grey with these two. What gives?

  22. Ceenitall

    When were these pictures taken? They look like they are happy to be out and about.

  23. HuvanePAYSpostersTOslurANGIE

    Huvane and PR agencies for Jennifer Aniston, pay their minions to slur Angelina, the truth will out – IP addresses are being gathered.

    Anyone else who wastes their time insulting and hating on this OSCAR winning UN Global Ambassador, who has just been admitted to the Council on Foreign Relations, who has just been named the ‘Sexiest Person in HISTORY’ and who is the love of Brad Pitt’s life and mother of his children is just HATING because they are rabidly out of their mind with jealousy.

    That’s all it is.

    To those making snarky comments, including socialite’s life which, by the way – I am starting a boycott against among Brangelina’s millions of fans on the net – not a one of us will be clicking on this bullsh*t site to read this kind of filth….let the 3 haters that Huvane hires keep posting over and over again – see how many hits that gets your dumb as ses.

    Many new parents of newborns refer to them as only sleeping, eating and pooping, Stefani used the word blob – Angelina who didn’t even use the word, but had the interviewer suggest it, to
    which she agreed, used it as well. The allusion is the same millions have been saying forever – they are unformed personalities.

    Angelina was describing her experience in the past becoming Mom to 6-8 month old babies, which is vastly different than a newborn. They come with their personalities in place. In this way she was saying she was inexperienced as a Mom of a new baby really. She went on to say the obvious, that both of her childrenwere from impoverished areas, and not in the best of health, Zahara almost died in the hours and days after she was adopted — a treatable salmonella infection here was a death sentence in Ethiopia and she had it. They also were concerned that she might have AIDS when they adopted her they had no idea, but were willing to take that chance.

    So she was saying the ‘feelings’ of worry, and compassion for their circumstances and their ultimate survival were first and foremost in her mind. Shiloh, CONVERSELY, was born into wealth with the best medical teams standing by and two parents in love who were there to see to her every need – she would not have to struggle to survive.

    Angelina’s honesty and willingnesss to convey her wonderful and very enlightening experiences and emotional journeys, are lost and squandered on you black hearted haters.

    She was NOT saying she loved one child more than the others, you jealous fug old embittered dog-faced bitches and fans of MANISTON!

    As a matter of FACT, she has said on more than one occasion she loves all her children equally, that she worried initially that she’d feel a difference, BUT THAT THERE IS NONE.

    She said that long before she described her ‘feelings,’ on how all of those children started their lives out.

    There’s one big clue that you big nasty bitches are either paid for lackeys or 2 ton hater whales — one would think, that out of ALL the people in the world you MIGHT give the benefit of the doubt to, it would be, a young woman who IS raising orphaned children from the impoverished 3rd world, it would be a young woman who gave the long neglected Brad Pitt his dream, it would be a young woman who gives of her time and energy in the most dangerous and war-torn, disease ridden places on earth, a young woman who gives 1/3rd of her income to philanthropic causes, who is praised by her peers and the world community at large, who is a mighty influence among young people around the world, and who has is influential among her peers…if there’s ANYONE I would think deserves a break, it might be someone like THIS…

    ..but because you identify with a fellow butt ugly DO-NOTHING, middle aged TV sit-com hack, who has spent the better part of the last two years media-wh*ring a fake relationship, whining and bitching and making even MORE bad TV for all you fat asses to spread out on the couch and veg out to…because THAT fug-faced D-list TRIFLING waste of space, whines to everyone that she GOT DUMPED FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GIRL….then THAT is ALL you ugly ho’s need to here. The beautiful girl must get kicked upside the head from you nasty bitter bitches (including the ones behind this site) at every opportunity.

    Only one thing is wrong with that picture. You know what that is?

    While YOU are here wasting your lives hating on a young woman who you will NEVER meet in LIFE, who is your BETTER in every way conceivable, she is becoming a legend, making love to Brad Pitt, having his babies and saving the world.

    Ahhhhhhhh. Yeah, you DUMB silly ho’s just let that sit…swish it around …get that full flavor, of just HOW STUPID your ranting and raving and anger and hatred towards this girl in particular is.

    Got it you ugly ol’ b*tches??? Let that marinate for a bit. Then feel free to jump off the nearest overpass, you might as well – because you sure as hell aren’t doing anything productive, for yourself or anyone else.

  24. CareKate


  25. nadine

    Whats up with those parents?? They want to have gazillions kids but we never see them with the 3 kids at the SAME time, like its too much to handle!!

  26. HuvanePAYSpostersTOslurANGIE….

  27. CarrieFever

    “You are a white devil. Embrace it. Now go kneel on some rice, oppressor.”
    OMG J you are funny as hell i thought i was going to die from laughing you made a bleak story interesting thanks for making my day!!!!

  28. To J. Harvey…FUNNY stuff!!!!

    To Crazy Aniston Conspiracy Lady…Seek medical attention, immediately. They have a cozy white sweater with sleeves that tie in the back waiting for you.

  29. Jennifer

    How can you comment on someone you do not truly know. I think there is a little green monster in many of you.


  30. How can you come here and judge people YOU don’t know…it’s, like, negative vibes on your karma, man. Blessings and light…blessings and light…

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