Shiloh Has ‘Montenegro Style’ According To Angelina Jolie

July 12th, 2010 // 11 Comments

Coming to the defense (although – why? I mean, if you didn’t talk about your kids in public in the first place, then you wouldn’t have to defend the comments you made about them that got misinterpreted by the media, right?) of her daughter Shiloh, Angelina Jolie says that her daughter is brazen in her choices and ‘fascinating’ to watch.

Fascinating to watch. She’s a child! Fish are fascinating to watch, but thankfully with small humans, known as children, you may interact with them.

“II would never be the kind of parent to force somebody to be something they are not. I think that is just bad parenting,” she told Reuters. “Children should be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they wish without anybody judging them because it is an important part of their growth.

I agree, but sometimes kids are just kids and that’s why you are the parent, to make sure they don’t leave the house looking like a damn mess. I’m all about encouraging them to be themselves, but not about looking slovenly in public.

By Justin Thompson

  1. twn

    Copy/Paste from other bloggers’ discussions.

    by Guest on Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:30 pm

    This Shiloh thing is what’s bringing Jolie down. The homewrecking ho thing she’s never lived down, the media may have been bought and loons created, but most of the public has no sympathy for her whatsoever, waiting for the time – which is this year, that karma comes and gets her.

    You wouldn’t think she’d have the balls to pull off another huge emotional crime but she did. With Shiloh, intially she both capitalized on the pregnancy for publicity and sold photos for money while denigrating the child herself in order to glorify herself as an adoptive mother with a greater capacity for love than ordinary people. It was obvious that in her mind, most parents didn’t love the adopted children as much as their bios, or she would have never told the story about Shiloh being a blob. Jolie wanted to elevate herself and declare by obvious implication that she was SPECIAL – she struggled to connect with her bio child while having enormous infinite love and connection for her adopted kids. Jolie also believes — since it’s an American commercial truism – that blonde hair/blue eyes are prized among the conventional citizens, but in her uber special, awareness laden, saintly universe, third world culture rules and the blonde blue eyed is an outcast. Isn’t she special? She basically used Shiloh not to tell anything real about her feelings for or relationship with Shiloh, but used Shiloh as an illustration of how unusually special Jolie is, how unlike the ordinary and common CONVENTIONAL folk.

    Meantime the kid herself is totally ignored as Jolie milks her existence for self-aggrandizement, or, as she’d characterize it “elevation.”

    Then came the hair event, and Jolie using it to create the fiction of Shiloh wanting to be a boy. She could have gotten away with that one – the kid is sturdy and active and no wilting wallflower. IF she’d dressed her as she dresses the boys – in urban type streetwear. But she had to dress her like a clown, claiming this was a THREE YEAR OLD’s OWN SPECIFIC TASTE and actually thought she could sell that one.

    That’s getting spit back in her face, as it should be. Lie about that, then is her wanting to be a boy really true? Does a child who thinks she is a boy and one of the brothers want to be in a hat, clothes tucked in, long sleeves in hot weather? Probably not, most sensible people conclude. Well, if she doesn’t want to dress like that, maybe she doesn’t want to be a boy at all. Why does Jolie say she does?


    It’s intuitive to everybody who puts eyes on the kid. It doesn’t make sense with wanting to be a boy, or identifying with her brothers. It doesn’t make sense with being an active, rough and tumble child. MONTENEGRO STYLE? Jolie is so arrogant she believes the public doesn’t know that’s impossible for a child Shiloh’s age. Montefuckingnegro style.

    The Shiloh scam is one thing the public will not forgive, or even pretend, as occasionally it did in the past with AJ’s homewrecking, to forget. What kind of mother uses a pre-schooler that way, making a mockery of her vulnerability, her lack of awareness, and the core of her identity?

  2. Geez Louise

    twn: Why have you expended so much energy analyzing people you don’t even know? All of the stuff you wrote is merely your interpretation based on tabloid lies and your imagination. Put that time & energy into doing something good for the world!

    • Justin Thompson

      We would have to agree. It’s bizarre when people leave comments here to defend celebrities, as if that person a) cares, b) appreciates what he or she is trying to do by spreading their ‘truth’ or c) didn’t become famous and up for public ridicule when entering their chosen profession.

      This website isn’t about changing the world. It’s merely to provide a bit of gossip and a bit of humor to otherwise mundane days.

  3. t-man

    i agree with geez.
    the original blog and then the copy and paste job in the comments are both pointless.

  4. Zarcastic

    Tell me twn how you ‘really’ feel about Jolie …

  5. Jena Silver

    Lots of three year olds have opinions on their clothes, or make it obvious they don’t like long hair. She’s not letting the kid run around naked. Why do moms leap on any opportunity to judge other moms, whether it’s what you feed your kids, or let them wear or how they’re parented. As long as AJ is clothing her kid, what do the rest of us care HOW she’s clothing her?

  6. patricia

    Wow, I am amazed at the insight of the “Guest” who obviously passed 1st grade psychology, LOL LOL! I can’t imagine spending that much time and space analyzing someone you have no way of knowing at all. I’m sure you could go and pick up tar balls on the Gulf Coast and be more productive.

  7. Dr. You-know-who

    @twn: Get a grip, Jen.

  8. GetReal

    twn (Jen), you have lost your marbles!!! For reals! If this blog is moderated I’d like to have Jen’s comment removed. Until it is I will never read this blog again.

  9. XXX

    I wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this and replying only because I want to say that Angelina is doing fine job as a mother. And your comments on her quotes are stupid!

    • Justin Thompson

      I’m confused as to how you know she’s fulfilling her motherly duties. Are you actually living with her? Are you one of her children? Why do you bother reading/commenting since you are so close and in touch with the source?

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