Is Baby Shiloh the Blond Black Sheep?

December 27th, 2007 // 13 Comments

The ever-excitable Life&Style magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby, Shiloh, is frequently being treated like the family outcast. As evidence, they’re citing the fact that Shiloh is often left behind during family excursions, like Brad’s recent birthday in New Orleans earlier this month. All the other kids joined Brad and Angelina on a bicycle trip out and about. Honestly, I’m guessing it’s because she’s only 20 months old and might not do all that well on a bike, but that’s just me trying to play devil’s advocate. That said, I am all about stirring up some potential gossip, and have this quote from a Pitt family insider to offer, “Shiloh’s always kept out of the spotlight.” The source also added, “And she misses out on a lot of things.” The tipster also speculated that Shiloh’s blond hair and blue eyes might have something to do with the segregation from the rest of the clan. Well, I highly doubt Brangelina will be breaking up with Shiloh any time soon, but we’re due for a child-parent divorce. I’m pretty sure we haven’t had a good one since the late 80s.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Loyal Reader

    If it’s true, then shame on them! Brad should know better because I expected this shit from Angholina. I hope Shiloh treats Angholina like how she’s treating her father right now.

  2. S_M_G

    Nah, life & style sucks anyways.

    A 20 month old is hard to take anywhere! My niece is the same age and we only take her to the park or to family friendly restaurants (even that is so hard to manage).

    I can totally understand. Though they have taken Zahara everywhere when she was that age so.. Himmm…

    She is by far the prettiest child I’ve ever seen though :-)

  3. S_M_G

    Aaand let the bashing begin…

    Shame on Angelina for breathing, lol.

    She is a beautiful human being, get with the program…

  4. tammyv

    [I]As evidence, they’re citing the fact that Shiloh is often left behind during family excursions, like Brad’s recent birthday in New Orleans earlier this month. All the other kids joined Brad and Angelina on a bicycle trip out and about. [/I]

    Shiloh was on in the seat on Angie’s bike for the family ride. I know that it is easy make stuff up but forgodsake. There is A LOT of condrictory photographic evidence to prove it is BS

    Sorry to quote another blog but umm… Photographic evidence is important.

  5. alyssa

    are these people stupid? have they not heard of the kidnap threat on shiloh? not to sound mean but those other 3 kids are “replaceable” but not, never baby shiloh, ever!

  6. goldend

    Hello!! we’re talking about THE ONE, baby Shiloh is way too precious, they need to keep her safe!!!

  7. Jennifer

    alyssa and goldend: oh, so you’re admitting that Brangelina value Shiloh their blonde, natural child more than their little brown adopted children? NO don’t say that Brad and Angelina are racist, imperialist, elitist weirdos who adopted all their foriegn children purely for publicity purposes. And Shiloh is DEFINITELY not the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen. She’s cute. Nothing more. LOTS of babies are cute.

  8. blady02

    I think she looks like a sad little girl most of the time. I think she is going to grow up confused and angry just my 2 cents.

  9. Jennifer

    I don’t know about sad. To me, she seems to always have a blank look on her face. Hardly ever an expression. It’s a bit odd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her where she’s smiling, laughing, looking cranky.

  10. Aeol

    That blank look is probably Shiloh wondering why she’s always surrounded by jerks with flashing cameras.

  11. alyssa

    oh my, jennifer, straighten up your thoughts, first, i know for a FACT that brad has been wanting a child all this time, ask jennifer aniston, and not just a child but a daughter! have you heard that interview with sawyer when he said ” little girls just breaks my heart” and chocked up when asked about wanting kids. as for angelina, your guess is as good as mine, she’s wacko anyways. secondly, who said anything about racism? you not me, and lastly who the f*ck cares if you think shiloh is not the prettiest baby, it doesnt matter what you nor i nor anybody else think if the father ( or parents) thinks that there’s a threat to their child then they should protect them to the best that they can, regardless of what people think ( or speculate).

  12. JALYN

    Alyssa, really, you know for a FACT? no questions asked? And you know this how? Because he said little girls break his heart? have you personally spoken with him? how about jennifer aniston, you talked to her too?

    you rabid fans that think and act like you know people personally and all their thoughts and feelings are annoying. Truth be known, noone but the two of them know that they think/feel.

  13. alyssa

    yes jalyn, I KNOW FOR A FACT, just ask brad and jennifer! you might be surprised to know who i really am. i am not a rabid fan and i’m doing this only to defend them of the unfair judgment people make, in being as low key as possible ( thank god no one is reading this except maybe 15 people or posting here), and please enough of this already.

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