Is Baby Shiloh the Blond Black Sheep?

The ever-excitable Life&Style magazine is reporting that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s baby, Shiloh, is frequently being treated like the family outcast. As evidence, they’re citing the fact that Shiloh is often left behind during family excursions, like Brad’s recent birthday in New Orleans earlier this month. All the other kids joined Brad and Angelina on a bicycle trip out and about. Honestly, I’m guessing it’s because she’s only 20 months old and might not do all that well on a bike, but that’s just me trying to play devil’s advocate. That said, I am all about stirring up some potential gossip, and have this quote from a Pitt family insider to offer, “Shiloh’s always kept out of the spotlight.” The source also added, “And she misses out on a lot of things.” The tipster also speculated that Shiloh’s blond hair and blue eyes might have something to do with the segregation from the rest of the clan. Well, I highly doubt Brangelina will be breaking up with Shiloh any time soon, but we’re due for a child-parent divorce. I’m pretty sure we haven’t had a good one since the late 80s.