They Will Make A Year-End List For Anything Nowadays

December 14th, 2007 // 10 Comments

Here’s the elusive Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. She’s the one biological child in Brad and Angelina’s brood, and the one that you see the least. Why? Her mom has made some weird comments about how Shiloh seems to be less deserving of care or something because the other kids had it bad in their individual countries. So maybe she keeps Shiloh out of sight because she’s not cool enough? That’s weird, and makes me think The Most Beautiful Woman In The World should maybe think things through before she speaks and acts. Anyway, Shiloh has earned the ridiculous honor of placing #1 in Forbes magazine’s Most Influential Infant list. And with that, I quit the world of celebrity blogging. What is she influencing? Diaper placement? High chairs? There’s a list? Also on that list are her siblings Zahara and Pax, Suri Cruise, the tragic Sean Preston Federline, and Dannielynn Birkhead among others. You can view the entire ridiculousness here. Please stay tuned for our coverage of Forbes’ Most Influential Hollywood Pets of 2007 list and then for the Most Influential Hollywood Cleaning Ladies of 2007 List.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

The top 10 list, plus baby photos, are after the jump.

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1. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
2. Suri Cruise
3. Zahara Jolie-Pitt
4. Sean Preston Federline
5. Pax Jolie-Pitt
6. Sam Alexis Woods (Tiger and Elin Woods)
7. David Banda (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)
8. Danielynn Birkhead (Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead)
9. (Tie) Romeo and Cruz Beckham (David and Victoria Beckham)

Photos: WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. devil

    You keep calling AJ the “most beautiful woman in the world”. Do you really believe she is? I was just wondering because I just don’t see it. I think AJ is homely as a mud fence.

    Anyway, I think Shiloh’s parents keep her out of the limelight because she just isn’t that cute of a baby. She’s not ugly or anything, she’s just not especially cute.

  2. FreakyZ

    Mad’s got some upper lip fuzz going on already.
    What a stud!

  3. Deano

    I never laughed so much from reading a blog until now, thank you.

  4. Ugh

    Who in the world says AJ is beautiful? Far from it.

    And what’s next……the biggest celeb baby pile of poop award?

  5. Logan

    Brad and Ang are nothing more than a couple of aging potheads, feeling guilty for fucking, sucking and toking for 90% of their lives, now they want to do some good in the world, because they don’t look so cool anymore, and no one will pay to see aging worthless stoners make movies, etc. The end.

  6. ili

    it annoys me seeing parents wearing long sleeve and jackets while the kiddos are wearing short sleeves and bareleg. wth? kids don’t feel the cold? really pisses me off. dress your kid appropiately for God’s sake. they must get sick a lot being underdressed for the weather.

  7. wildflower509

    Someone must be blind or mentally challanged to seriously call Angelina Jolie Voight “the most beautiful woman in the world” She’s got an oversized head for her body, huge forehead, Dick Tracey squared jaw, and surgically enhanced nose. At the most, she’s “normal” looking. Either way, she and her lover aren’t aging well. Karma

  8. blady02

    God I love this site, people with taste and common sense! Yeah and Merry X-mas!

  9. liz

    angelina is an extremely beautiful woman. not only is she beautiful but she is also very, very sensual. brad pitt is handsome and also very, very hot!!! don’t know where you people are coming from but i follow this family constantly. cheers me up. love seeing the candid expressions on the children’s faces. and as far as shiloh goes, i really don;t think they are hiding her. they have 3 other children to get out and around while shiloh maybe has some down time. she is a baby, after all. when shiloh gets older, i think she is going to resemble angie to a degree and of course brad as she already does. so she should be very pretty. these parents deserve a lot of credit. bless them. happy holidays/

  10. diana

    ohhhhhhhhhhh i love this family so much

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