Shia LaBeouf on Jimmy Kimmel

I wonder if Shia LeBeouf’s conversation with his friend over coffee is anything like his interview with Jimmy Kimmel. The in-demand actor was charismatic and at ease when speaking with Kimmell about his upcoming flick, Wall Street 2, and even gave him a few financial pointers.

Delving deep into the financial investment world for his role in Wall Street 2, LeBeouf learned that investing was a risk that he was good at.

“I figure if you’re ever going to invest, which I always wanted to, this was the time to do it. So I put $20,000 in and that $20,000 turned into $489,000. I looked at it yesterday,” the billionaire LeBeouf explained to Kimmel.

Apparently LeBeouf knows his stuff. Maybe a side job? Either way, the financial advice I took from it was “soy beans”. Watch the video’s after the jump, you’ll understand.