Shia LaBeouf Is In A Bad Mood

April 28th, 2010 // 4 Comments

I guess growing a beard makes you a tough guy, huh?  To be fair, I’d be pissed if I lost a couple fingers too.

The paparazzi themselves report (I know, hang in there) that during their stakeout on Shia LaBeouf yesterday at the gas station pictured here, Shia charged a photographer, saying, “If you follow me all day I am going to fuck you up.”

Naturally, the pap’s response was to switch his camera to video (these guys have nerves of steel – they are wasting their talent as bomb diffusers), so Shia threatened him again.  That’s when happy pappy wished him the best and beat a fleet retreat.  Shia politely said ‘good day’ (e.g. he shouted some cuss words) and sped off himself.

I know people think that paparazzi are scum and invade people’s privacy, but I’m of the mind that a lack of privacy is the price for having the BEST fucking life ever (ever!).  But I’m speaking as a person who has struggled to make ends meet my entire life, and would probably sell the rights to my DNA to fly first class just once.  But I’m also 98% sure the government is reading my thoughts, so I guess I have my own problems.  What are you looking at?!1!

In the meantime, enjoy more pictures of Shia being all maaaaaad.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Mia

    He’s always pissed off at something….I think he’s angry because his pee-pee is too tiny.

    Yeah, I said it….

  2. janet

    i think pappz need to not follow people 24/7 harass them verbally and invade privacy i don’t care how much money these people make they deserve some privacy

  3. michelle

    and of course, as we are all well aware, the paparazzi are the most reliable news source ever, and they would never sensationalize anything just to sell their pictures/get a good story.

  4. h

    he is a sexy bad boy!

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