Shia LaBeouf Rebuffed

Shia LaBeouf looks like a dapper gent, here on the set of his new movie New York, I Love You being filmed on the Upper East Side. Except for the awkward facial hair, he seems…well, OK, right? He at least seems passable enough where if you knew he was a movie star, you’d at least give him a second glance if he approached you in a bar, is my estimation.

So, how come he was so harshly dissed recently at the Beatrice Inn, when he was just looking for some female companionship? Page Six claims that his clunky come-ons were to blame. Shia reportedly was having such bad luck with the ladies that after some failed attempts he finally tried to make his intention known by asking a woman, “How do I get a girl to go home with me?”

Oh Shia. That’s the kind of line that works on I Love New York but not so much in real life. Unless you’re Mystery, wearing eye-liner, top hat and feather boa because women love a peacock and card games and by the way, did you hear about that fight outside?


More photos of Shia LaBeouf on the set of New York, I Love You are after the jump.

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