Shia LaBeouf Likes Committing Small Crimes Of Annoyance

Shia LaBeouf is turning into the Al Capone of minor infractions. First, he’s had some public drunkenness episodes, then had a warrant issued for his arrest after missing a court date regarding a ticket for smoking in public and now his car got towed for blocking someone’s driveway with his car.

The warrant for his arrest for the smoking violation was recalled, but his car was impounded for the illegal parking bit. Yeah, few things piss me off more than someone parking in my spot at my apartment. Did he just assume the valet was on break? I get mad when my boyfriend tracks dirt in the house. I think Shia might wake up with a pillow on his face if we ever dated. Or not wake up at all, if I did it correctly.


More photos of Shia LaBeouf at a photoshoot for Arena Magazine are after the jump.

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