Shia LaBeouf Wants to Acquaint Himself with the Female Population of Hollywood

Shia LaBeouf is 21-years-old and ready to mingle with the ladies. It seems he’s already been doing his fair share, having had been linked to Rihanna in the recent past, and was recently seen “making out with a tall brunette girl” at Hollywood’s hot spot, Les Deux, according to Us Weekly. The actor enjoyed this round of public face-sucking, along with some dancing and even more admiration from female fans.

“Tons of girls were coming up to his table and introducing themselves, and Shia seemed to love getting recognized,” the witness added. “He was in a really good mood and was really nice to everybody who approached him.”

Shia was also heard telling the group of gals that he was “relatively new to the scene” but was prepared to “chat with the ladies” and “party.” I love all of these disjointed quotes, that paint the picture of Shia as a guy on the prowl, while he sits here in these pictures looking too cool for school. I guess it’s about time we started hearing about some amorous Hollywood boys, since it seems like for the past couple of years, it’s been all about the ladies.

More photos of Shia are after the jump.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online