Shia LaBeouf is a Pensive Man with an Itch

January 2nd, 2008 // 8 Comments

Well la-dee-dah. Shia LaBeouf is looking mighty dapper on New Year’s Eve, smoking his grown-up cigarette. The young star was seen leaving Les Deux and tried to quickly walk past the paparazzi. Now, I’m definitely not one to advocate smoking, especially when it’s someone so fresh-faced, but it is a fun prop to use when gesturing. I certainly don’t smoke, but I love waving a cigarette around to get my point across, so I’d like to hope that’s what young Shia is doing. Unfortunately, he does ruin the effect by trying to sneak a scratch/ball-adjustment in past the photographers, but the camera never lies, Shia. It never does.

Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. FreakyZ

    This kid is a douchebag in training. He looks like an idiot, he sounds like an idiot, and I can’t believe I had a crush on him when he was Louis Stevens.

    (hahaa at “grownup cigarette, that was funny)

  2. mamamam

    Poor Shia-he imitate Colin F.!

  3. Shia is so awesome. I don’t know how anyone can not like him! He’s looking mighty fine in those pics, too.

  4. Diana

    Ya know I like Shia’s acting and I like that he doesnt consider himself a celebrity. But I hate this she said he said shit. I wanna know the real Shia Labouef that way I can say that I like or dis like him but i will ALWAYS love his acting skills… He’s a great peice of art. I enjoy him. Thanks for the entertainment Shia.

  5. odessa

    shia’s grown up and i cant believe he’s smoking like that…but,well..i still like him,he’s so hot!He’s great!

  6. Miss K the Knockout

    Shia could be doing alot worse than simply smoking a cigarette! If thats his vice, hes doing alot better than most others in his category.
    The boys talent is undeniable and he’s getting finer with age.

  7. andrea

    I think shia is an amazing person , and what is bad with the smoke and the cigarrete and that things , is normal for god ! stupid people that thinks “cigarrete is bad ” jajaj I love you shia forever and ever !

  8. Kathy

    WOW didn’t believe he would take up smoking! I smoke and I’m younger than him but he acted so good when he was a teen!!!

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