Shia LaBeouf Wore An Outfit Two Days In A Row, Missed The Laundry Day Memo

Another Blunder
Remember Shia's ass kicking?
As of late, I’ve really been questioning Shia LaBeouf’s life choices.

Growing up, I loved watching him on Even Stevens, and now I just shake my head at him.

His latest social blunder involved a repeat outfit. This one isn’t that bad, I’ll give him that. Perhaps he just missed the memo that we’re supposed to wash our clothes before we wear them again. That’s fine. He likes sitting in his own odor.

Some of his other choices are truly and undeniably questionable though.

Remember when he stole the show at the Nymphomaniac premiere? His little “I’m not famous anymore” stunt really got some attention. Though, of course, I’m sure that’s what he wanted.

Back in December – goodness it sounds like I’m about to start singing some Taylor Swift – he told someone he could get them killed in a drunken fight. Not his brightest moment at all.

Maybe his next stunt for some attention will be to day the previously mentioned songstress. Now that would be interesting.

What are your thoughts on him recycling his outfit? Let us know in the comments below!