Shia LaBeouf Sports His Usual Homeless Look, His Rep Slams False Tabloid Report

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Most entertaining quotes out of Shia's mouth.
Holy homeless! Yup, that’s Shia LaBeouf at it again.

But really though, when does he not look homeless. I think we all need to give up hope that one day he’ll be wearing some clean, fresh looking clothes.

The actor was spotted going to the gym in West Hollywood yesterday.  He wore a white (if you can call it white) t-shirt that had a coffee stain on it, skinny jeans, and some brown boots.

In other Shia LaBeouf news, the 28-year-old is being falsely accused of harassing some comedians at the Ha Ha Café Comedy Club on July 19 in Hollywood. The actor’s rep is slamming OK! Magazine for reporting this story. His rep told E! Online Canada

The story published by OK! claiming that Shia LaBeouf was thrown out of a comedy club in LA is 100 percent fictional and fabricated. Even though Shia has never set foot in the club, and the manager of the club denied the alleged incident ever occurred, OK! nonetheless published the article after being informed that it was absolutely false. In addition, in this day-and-age of ubiquitous cell phone images, there is not one image of Shia at the club or on stage. In short, the story is complete nonsense.

With Shia’s behaviour being a little crazy lately, I wouldn’t really be surprised.