Shia LaBeouf Passes Out Free Comics As ‘Orphans’ Gets Set To Close Early

Shia's Biceps
Shia LaBeouf shows off his bulging biceps!
If you were in Los Angeles over the weekend–Studio City specifically–you may have been one of the lucky folks to get a copy of Shia LaBeouf’s comic book from the man himself!

Shia was spotted heading back to LA, and giving quite a fierce walk in the process, and now we know why he’s back. Shia took part in Free Comic Book day, an event that takes place on the first Saturday in May and this year just happened to also fall on International Star Wars Day!

Shia was spotted in Studio City handing out copies of his comic, Stale N Mate, to folks who were interested, and even to random passers-by. So any idea what Shia’s thoughts are on Orphans closing early? 

In case you’ve forgotten, Orphans was the Broadway play that Shia was set to star in before that whole kerfuffle with Alec Baldwin. Despite two Tony nominations–one for Tom Sturridge and one for Best Revival of a Play–the show will now close on May 19 instead of June 30.

I wonder if Shia is secretly pleased about this. Sure he made a big to-do about how great the show is, but there’s still gotta be a little bit of satisfaction. Now we’ll never know if it would have run longer with Shia!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Shia passing out his free comic. Any of you readers out there lucky enough to get a copy from him? Let us know in the comments!