Shia Labeouf Looks Homeless As Usual While Running Some Errands

10 reasons why...
Shia Labeouf is awesome.
Is that a homeless man? Nope, it’s Shia Labeouf looking like a hobo again. This guy just keeps looking shaggier and shaggier. Not sure about you, but I prefer him in a tux!

The only positive thing is that he’s looking buffer…

His homeless look included black jeans, some very old boots, and a very peculiar t-shirt. 

Not just any t-shirt, but an Uncle Sherman Fan Club tee that features a trenchcoat flap on the illustrated character, which flips up to reveal the man’s privates!

The 27-year-old has been keeping a low profile lately, especially since his weird behaviour on the red carpet. The only thing we know about him, is that his new movie, Fury with Brad Pitt, just released a behind the scenes featurette that looks pretty intense!

Will you watch his new film? And are you digging Shia’s hobo look? Share your thoughts in comments!