Shia LaBeouf Looks Hairy & Liberty Ross Looks Amazing At ‘Lawless’ Premiere [PHOTOS]

Shia's Biceps
Shia LaBeouf shows off his bulging biceps!
What an evening it was in Hollywood at the premiere of Lawless.

The film’s star Shia LaBeouf was looking all sorts of hairy. Seriously, I’m pretty sure at this point he sheds more in the shower than his girlfriend. It’s really rather impressive. Sure it’s not as lovely and coiffed as co-star Jessica Chastain’s hair at the last Lawless premiere, but still, pretty good.

Shia wasn’t the only one making headlines on the red carpet. The real belle of the ball was Liberty Ross. You might know her as the wife Rupert Sanders cheated on with Kristen Stewart. So did Liberty have anything to say on the cheating scandal?

Of course not! She’s a lady. She did, however, look absolutely amazing on the red carpet. Liberty kept it simple with black pants and a green button up top, but she still tops my best dressed list from the event. This is the second time we’ve spotted Liberty not wearing her wedding ring, which we can only assume means it’s totally over between her and Rupert.

Also joining Shia and Liberty on the red carpet were a number of sexy men. You’ve got your Guy Pearce, your Nick Simmons, Chad Michael Murrary–really, I could go on, but isn’t it better to launch the gallery and check out all the hot dudes yourself?

After you’ve done that, take to the comments and tell us what you think of Shia’s hairiness and Liberty’s calm, cool & collected look!

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