Shia LaBeouf Is Turning Into A Foodie, While His New Film ‘Fury’ Picks Up Buzz

Candice Brock | August 19, 2014 - 6:00 am

Ewww Shia!
Shia LaBeouf wears his unwashed clothes to the gym...ew.
I promise I am going to keep this Shia LaBeouf post nice.  I really do love Shia but sometimes he does some pretty goofy things.  So first let me get the silliness out of the way.

Shia was spotted out and about with girlfriend Mia Goth leaving a Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks.  Must have been yummy since Shia took home a doggie bag.  The actor has turned into quite the foodie lately.  

TMZ also caught him going on a little Costco food run the other day, where he picked up a bevy of snacks.  He got some granola bars, fruit snacks and potato chips.  All the essentials of course.  I don’t understand why they thought this was news worthy but whatever.  And I’m the one who gets accused of bullying Shia!

In all seriousness though I think he’s trying to make it about the acting again and with his new film Fury, he just might be able to put his personal problems aside.  The movie, which opens October 17th, is already starting to get some buzz.  Shia’s performance is said to be the most shocking part of the film!

Fury writer-director, David Ayer, had nothing but words of praise for the actor.  “He’s one of the best actors I’ve worked with,” he raved about Shia.  “People are going to be shocked by how strong his performance is.”

Shia’s co-star Logan Lerman was equally impressed and also seems like a huge fan.  “I’ve had a ton of respect for him, ever since I started acting. He was always someone I looked up to and always admired,” he revealed.  “He can create a performance out of nothing and it’s amazing, he’s incredible. I loved working with him.”

Sounds like this is a must see movie and will hopefully get Shia’s career back were it belongs!  The movie also stars Brad Pitt so there’s that too.

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