Shia LaBeouf In Army Gear To Brighten Your Evening

Shia's Biceps
Shia LaBeouf shows off his bulging biceps!
In case you were wondering, Shia LaBeouf is really getting into his role as a World War II solider for his new movie Fury.

After spending a whole bunch of time preparing for the flick, Shia was spotted in Studio City today sporting some army fatigues. It’s a good look him. Think he’s going to suddenly join the army for real after making Fury?

Honestly, with someone like Shia, I wouldn’t be that surprised. I mean, someone who signs up for a movie like this is clearly down to challenge himself. 

Also, I am amused by his Bud Light shirt. I have a great picture in my head right now of Shia, hanging out with his girlfriend on the sidewalk and drinking Bud Light out of a brown paper bag. Picture it cause it’ll probably happen soon.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Shia channeling his inner solider? Side note: anybody remember Shiantology? People worship this man.