Shia LaBeouf Has Got Some Balls

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Shia LaBeouf

• As you know, Shia LaBeouf was supposed to be on Broadway in Orphans. Then he quit over creative differences after throwing down with Alec Baldwin. Then came the published emails. The first preview performance for Orphans happened on Tuesday night. Shia was in the front row.

Kate Gosselin’s desperate attempts at remaining relevant (was she ever?) is getting downright sad. The one-time TV star is writing a new book about cooking/parenting/child bonding. Seriously.

• In a talk with Fabulous mag, Jennifer Lawrence discusses her own personality in front of the media. She basically calls herself a rabid chihuahua who has now idea what she’s talking about until after the fact.

• And you thought you had a rough day at the office: a prostitute in Zimbabwe passed out during sex with her john. As she was being placed inside a coffin, she suddenly woke up and began screaming, “You want to kill me!”, thus freaking everyone the f**k out.

• Singer Willie Nelson, a longtime supporter of marriage equality, who has covered and written (one for Brokeback Mountain) songs about gay cowboys, shows off his support for both marriage equality and marijuana in this take on the viral marriage equality meme.

Lady Gaga never fails to shock us with what she’s wearing, and we love that she isn’t afraid to take risks. From wearing actual meat on her body, to arriving at the Grammy Awards in an egg, Gaga uses her spotlight to take music and fashion to the next level. Check out Lady Gaga’s style transformation.

Lily Collins worked her legs at The Grove appearing on Extra to do some promo work for her upcoming film The English Teacher with co-star Michael Angarano.

Demi Lovato might be giving your heart a break, but she has no plans to take a break from The X Factor. Simon Cowell confirmed that the singer will be back for the third season of the Fox reality show, marking her second season on the series.

• Veteran newscaster Barbara Walters is finally taking a break for herself and is retiring! Good for her — after a 52-year career in the business, she is reportedly gearing up for a retirement announcement in May 2014.

• Would you eat this? 23 very questionable dishes.

January Jones certainly isn’t the first woman to ingest her own placenta after giving birth, but she is one of the few that was willing to talk about it after doing so. Turns out, she’s not so happy about having let you in on her little secret, after all.

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