Shia LaBeouf Gets Into Drunken Fight, Tells Man, ‘I Can Get You Killed’

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Ever the refined gentleman, Shia LaBeouf was involved in a kerfuffle last night, during which he politely informed a man, “I can get you killed.”

The brawl reportedly started when an angsty Louis Stevens upset a female fan who approached him at a London restaurant. When the woman’s boyfriend came to defend her honor, the two men engaged in a drunken duel, and as the boyfriend walked away, LaBeouf threatened him.

“It was shocking. He looked out of control,” claimed a witness. The 27-year-old was allegedly escorted out  by restaurant staff, then was given a stern talking to by older sister Ren.

This is the second public fight for the Transformers star, who was punched in the face and crotch by a stranger in October. As you’ll remember, Shia was caught filming two drunk women (one of them vomiting) on his phone, refused to stop when asked, and was finally struck by the mighty upper cut of vigilante justice.

Oh, Shia – you eased out of your goofy Even Stevens stage with such unexpected grace and heartthrobbery, I was really pulling for you! Are you surprised by the actor’s recent bad behavior? Let us know in the comments below!

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