Shia LaBeouf Drinks Coffee, Looks Dazed

Shia LaBeouf was recently spotted in Vancouver, looking a bit worse for wear. Sure his outfit looked fine, quite an improvment actually from this little number, but just like, as a person, Shia is not looking good.

Shia’s had a rough time of it recently after news reports said he had gotten into a fight with Marilyn Manson at a club. Interestingly enough, that turned out to be false and guess what! Marilyn and Shia are actually like super best friends. I know. The kid from Even Stevens and the creepy man-woman. They’re so close, Shia even directed the music video for Marilyn’s song Born Villian. Check out the video here, but be warned, it is creepy and NSFW.

PHOTOS: Shia LaBeouf & Karolyn Pho Try to Avoid the Paparazzi

Shia seemed to be enjoying his Canadian coffee as he sat on a bench. Missing from his little cafe outing was girlfriend Karolyn Pho. I honestly have no idea how she deals with him. Like, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t shower. He’s one of those hipsters.

Check out the gallery and take a look at Shia for yourself. Don’t you think he looks just the tiniest bit confused? And like he needs a shower? And like he has no idea where he is? Share your thoughts by tweeting us at @socialitelife or head on over to our Facebook page.