Shia LaBeouf, Colin Firth, Tom Sturridge & More Hot Celebrity Sightings For July 3, 2014

Shia Gets Kicked Out
The actor's walk of Shame after getting arrested during 'Cabaret'
So many photos, so little time. We spotted tons of celebrities out and about and attending events.

Shia LaBeouf actually cracked a smile in Los Angeles today. Maybe the treatment he’s getting is helping.

Colin Firth looked beyond sexy in his glasses at Wimbeldon. You know, people are making a big deal about his and Emma Stone’s age difference in Magic in the Moonlight, but come on! Like you wouldn’t want to get with Colin Firth–no matter what age. 

And Tom Sturridge looked a little on the tipsy side as he left the Chiltern Firehouse with Sienna Miller.

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