Shia LaBeouf Cleans Himself Up For The Venice Film Festival For Appearance With Robert Redford [PHOTOS]

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Can you believe that Robert Redford is 76-years-old? Blows my mind. So glad to see that Shia LaBeouf shaved his beard for the festival.

Redford attended The Company You Keep Photocall at the 69th Venice Film Festival today (September 6, 2012) in Venice, Italy along with Shia LaBeouf who co-stars in the Robert Redford directed film.

The Company You Keep is a fictional thriller based on a 2003 novel by Neil Gordon, and follows a former left-wing American militant whose past comes back to haunt him. Check out the film’s trailer below. 

In the film, Redford plays Jim Grant, a respectable lawyer and widower with a young daughter whose life is thrown into turmoil when his secret identity, as a member of The Weather Underground decades earlier, is revealed by a tenacious reporter.

LaBeouf appears as Ben Shepard, an ambitious writer working for a struggling local newspaper.

Redford said his film should resonate with contemporary audiences who may be tempted to rise up and revolt against a political and financial system he said favored the very wealthy.

“Every generation has its moment of rebellion, its moment of discontent and its chance to do something about it,” said Redford.