Shia LaBeouf Channels His Inner Homeless Person, Preps To Co-Star With Bill Murray

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I almost feel silly writing about Shia LaBeouf these days. It’s like, what can one possibly say about a dude whose Twitter feed is crazier than Bedlam?

Still, I’m going to try, only because I could not pass up the opportunity to share these photos of the actor with you. Shia was spotted in Los Angeles today looking a little worse for the wear.

Can someone explain to me why he constantly dresses like this? 

Like, we all know that he has clean and not torn clothes, we’ve seen him in them. I don’t guys, I just don’t get Shia anymore. But it’s OK, cause as he just said on Twitter:

Wait, Shia, if you’re not famous anymore, then why are you in a movie with Bill Murray? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shia just signed on to play opposite Bill and a slew of other actors in Rock the Kasbah. Well, that retirement was short lived.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of homeless Shia. Are you confused too, or is it just me?