Shia LaBeouf And Sex Scenes In Upcoming Movie ‘Nymphomaniac’

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Shia LaBeouf will do anything. By anything, I mean anything. In his upcoming role in Lars von Trier‘s movie, Nymphomaniac, the former Disney star was rumored to go full force and do whatever it takes to make the movie seem as real as possible.

He was basically going to take the title of the movie (Nymphomaniac) and bring it to life. Get it? (Wink, wink.)

MTV News sat down with Kirsten Dunst to set the story straight.

Although LaBeouf and Dunst both claim that the director has an intense character, Dunst admitted that even though he may not object to any racy scenes that LaBeouf is open to, he is not the kind of person to enforce it.

I know Lars. I mean, if Shia wants to do it Lars won’t be like, ‘No,’ but Lars isn’t someone who would be like, ‘You have to do that.’

Good to know!

With his past movies like Transformers, Lawless and Eagle Eye, the 26-year-old has proven that he can suit up to any role he is confronted with. So who knows? Maybe LaBeouf will take chances himself and go at it!

Perhaps that’s why he took a stroll for coffee as a little R&R to prep for the action. Check out the gallery and let us know what you think about Shia’s upcoming role!

By Tanya Oei

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