Shia LaBeouf Gets a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Shia caught a lucky break recently, when the charges against him related to his drunken incident in a Walgreens in Chicago were dropped. TMZ reports that the actor showed up in court to get the good news. He looks so serious, despite these happy tidings. But, I’m guessing that’s because these weren’t taken at his actual court date and are actually completely unrelated, actually. He looks so grown up and serious with all of that facial hair and stuff, it still throws me off. Hopefully, this is the end of his flirtation with being and “out-of-control” starlet–I’m saying that, because my friend, Sarah, is in love with him, referring to Shia as a piece of bread in her “pedophile sandwich” and she’d be awfully sad if he ended up going bad.


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