She’s Back

October 18th, 2005 // 26 Comments

Hello. I missed all of you! Now that the New York City terror threat has been dubbed a fake, I feel it’s safe for me to return. Brazil was wonderful. I managed not to get kidnapped or robbed the entire time I was there, so I consider the trip a success.

There were so many juicy things that I missed in my absence. Anna Wintour being hit by a pie, Sienna and Jude breaking up again, Boy George’s cocaine and hustler escapade, The Simple Life being dropped by FOX, Ben Affleck kissing Josh Hartnett, Madonna denying her children TV and dairy products, and a nude Tom Ford. Lordy.

So give me a chance to read about 150 blogs, 25 newspapers, 50 magazines and I’ll be ready to go later this morning.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Ella

    Welcome back Miu!!

  2. uwishuwereme

    Oh My..wuttha?

    Anyway, anybody notice the lil girl and man in the back. Doesn’t that look like Madonna’s daughter lourdes out with her father..her bio father.


    Welcome back; you were missed…
    So where in Hell did you get this recent
    pic of Madonna
    with LOLA’ & daddy hiding in the backround???
    By the way not only is she blasting the media but “all priests are gay”
    Via the (

  4. Chocolate Santa

    We missed you Miu! Welcome back!

    Any photos from Brazil?

  5. moss


    our miu

    back to save us from death by boredom. :)

  6. Hi Miu,

    Welcome back. You were sorely missed. Pleae don’t keep us waiting too long for juicy gossip.

  7. Laura Lord Belle


    Awe!! Madonna’s daughter looks EXACTLY like Madonna when she was young……

  8. raevee nyc

    Welcome Home Miu!!! The city wasn’t the same without you.

  9. Queen Bee

    How cute is it that Lourdes is in old school roller skates!!!!

  10. Gossip Guru

    Welcome back Miu!! I am so going through gossip withdrawl!!

  11. Marina

    hey miu…

    i am brazilian and I always check your blog, but this comment about considering a trip to brazil a success just because u didnt get roobed or kidnnapped is so useless and not apropriate…
    If this is the only thing that made your trip worth, why even botter to travel?!
    Its soooo typical from an american to say this kind os stuff, its pathetic.
    Why not just go to kentucky AND HAVE A great timne?! Or TEXAS?! Missouri sure sounds like a crazy gorgeous place!!!! I am sure they have AMAZING NATURAL BEAUTY as well, and the people must be very fun also! Surelly there you wont get kidnnaped as well, so it would be a fucking great trip!
    Better STAY at home than going abroad and NOT BRINGING ANYTHING BACK IN THER BRAIN!!!!

  12. Gina

    Give me the link of Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett :o

  13. Ket

    I “lived” in that fucking Brazil for 18 years, and it’s a dump! to all of you out there, go to Europe, Disney, Florida…….
    REally,anything is better than that dump! You can’t live there, or have a good time at all. So glad i moved to the States!

  14. candycorn

    good news brazil fans! you’re now more likely to get kidnapped in mexico than brazil or columbia. sweet!

  15. BotteredAmerican

    Marina – you are a fucking idiot – it was a joke, I knew when I saw that comment that some overly sensitive person would think that is a personal attack on them – perhaps it is the language barrier, and the fact that you think the word bother is pronounced ‘botter’… Brazil is not pronounced ‘Marina’s house’… take ten deep breaths, and stop being so sensitive…

  16. Discoqwene

    Welcome back kitty kat!

  17. Marina

    Over sensitive? Come on, give me a break! First, go study GEAOGRAPHY TO FIND OUT THAT THE WORLD IS NOT THE USA, try and learn ANY OTHER LANGUAGE, get some culture in your brain and some reasonable WAY TO CRITIZcIzE someone, and then come talk to me.
    Unlike you, little uneducated and rude person, I can write a thought with at least some kind of sense..
    GO VOTE FOR BUSH AGAIN ANDA AGAIN, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE!! Do what you do best, POINT AND ATTACK WITH NO REASON, just like your low-IQ-coke-snorting coke- drunken-president!

  18. Anna

    OMG they make coke that gets you drunk? And to think, I’ve been consuming all those calories for a buzz when I could’ve been losing weight while getting drunk all along…

  19. Anna

    I just realized I didn’t know of this secret kind of coke because I don’t have any culture in my brain. Duh, it’s so obvious now.

  20. Kjngrl

    OMG Anna, I laughed out loud at your comments! My husband now thinks I’m crazy.

  21. Silasdog

    Marina, may I ask what you’re doing in our country?

  22. Personally, I would not want to go Brazil, not if the people there have your nasty attitude.
    And BTW,
    if America sucks so bad, why is everyone else in the world (including Brazilians)so eager to come here?

  23. Silasdog

    Right on, Makeydah! You got that dead on the money. If this zoner hates our country so much, what is she doing here? I’m sick of these global goons slipping into our nation and telling us we need to get it together, meanwhile they just blew in from a place without indoor plumbing. Learn some manners: you don’t visit someone and immediately begin to criticize their home.

  24. mimi

    I’m American so I don’t have any language barrier to understanding Miu’s posts; but I do have to agree with Marina. Miu’s comment about Brazil was inappropriate.

  25. Amy

    I went to Brazil last year… it is third world, but it has a unique beauty to it. It was probably the most peaceful place I’ve ever been… our country (U.S.) is a million times more stressful. I don’t know what the big deal is though… Marina, not all Americans think that our country is the world, and this might shock you but about half of us didn’t vote for Bush. You accuse others of being ethnocentric and culturally retarded, but it seems like you’re the one with the problem. Chill the fuck out…

  26. uwishuwereme

    Ok..back to the picture…

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