She’s Just Being Miley! Miley Cyrus Grinds On Ladies & Talks Weed Use With Jimmy Kimmel

Miley Cyrus 2013 Met Ball
Miley in Marc Jacobs at the 2013 Met Ball.
Guys. Guys! She’s just being Miley.

Miley Cyrus was quite a sight last night as she performed her latest single, “We Can’t Stop” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video for it, but it’s pretty much like that, with a little bit less performance art.

Miley was clearly into the grinding as she strutted around the stage in some crazy, thigh-high heeled boots. Those look like she could actually kill someone with them. Oh! And she brought the creepy doll from the video. Oh, Miley. Also, that girl really loves her weed. 

She has spoken out in defense of it before and was still chatting about it last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live. When Jimmy said of Snoop Dogg. “That’s because he ‘s so high he doesn’t know what his name is,” Miley responded with, “We both are, we both are.” So is that your logic for all your daddy tweets of late? Cause that stuff is just incredibly entertaining.

Once again folks, oh Miley! Check out the video of her performance below and tell us what you think about the new Miss Cyrus in the comments. I’m not that into the song, but she seems to love it.