She’s Beauty To A ‘T’ And Turning 33, Happy Birthday Gisele Bündchen!

Gisele Bundchen
The model at a Robin Hood Foundation event.
How can it be? “The most beautiful girl in the world,” according to Rolling Stone Magazine is turning another year older and is still the epitome of beauty. Gisele Bündchen one of the highest paid super models in the world is still looking fierce after having two kids.

I truly idolize this women for having as successful a career as she does and being a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program, while keeping her marriage with Tom Brady going strong. Not to mention raising now seven month old Vivian Lake Brady and three year old Benjamin Brady.

Keeping those kids clearly healthy and happy! We’ve caught many pictures of Gisele and Tom playing with the kids in the park or taking them for a bike ride and showing them some “T-L-C” every step of the way. I’d even go as far as saying they’re the new “Brady Bunch” and cuter than the old 1970’s Brady Bunch family.

In all of the pictures of  just Tom and Gisele as well they look as happy as a honey mooning couple that just got married. She is such a super mom and the kind of mom that I’d love to be when I’m older!

Happy birthday Gisele! We hope you can enjoy your special day with some quality family time.

Take a look at the photo gallery to see some more pictures of Gisele and her fabulous family having fun!