‘She’s All That’ Cast Is Still Looking Good (Mostly), Where Are They Now? [PHOTOS]

Freddie Prinze Jr. Steps in Poo
Freddie Prinze Jr. steps in dog poo.
Anna Paquins Baby Bump
Anna Paquin's baby bump looks ready to burst.
Hot Photos of Usher
Hot photos of Usher getting sexy in music video.
Nerd gets popular guy. Popular guy pursued girl as a joke. They end up falling in love but girl finds out about joke. She forgives him the next day. All is forgiven and they live happily ever after until the credits roll. In your face popular ex-girlfriend!

Okay, well even if rom coms are so unpredictable, anything with Freddie Prinze Jr. was a win. He was such a dreamboat playing Zack in She’s All That. I mean come on, he was working that yo-yo and was popular, errmahgad!

Prinze Jr. was even hot as a nerd in Boys and Girls. It’s that smirk, you melt at the sight of it. Thank you Sarah Michelle Gellar for ruining our dreams by taking him away before some of us gals were of legal age.

Some of the other cast members, and by that I mean the guys, have aged well. They now sport their silver hair and look mighty fine with it.

Unfortunately, not all of the cast has aged as well. Lil’ Kim has been in the tabloids recently for her (shall we say, swelling) face changes. She should definitely let herself age naturally like the dudes from the cast so we don’t keep getting the Ronald McDonald eyebrow effect.

Take a look at the gallery to see what the cast has been up to. Perhaps afterward, you can watch the movie and shed a tear after you realize how old you really are. Man, the 90s were awesome!