Sheryl Crow’s Son Plays Back-Up Cutie at Lilith

Sheryl Crow is a legendary musician. Fellow artists, like Justin Timberlake, jump at a chance to work with her and ordinary people, like myself, have sat in awe at her performances – The World Water Day concert is still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

But when it comes to son Wyatt, she’s just mom. And he had no fears about joining her on stage at Lilth for a little shimmy and shake to “Every Day is a Winding Road.” How cute is he!

Sheryl announced on her website earlier this month that Wyatt has a baby brother, Levi James. A von Trapp edition to “Soak Up the Sun” will be available once the boys learn how to harmonize.

Just kidding.

Crowe will perform in the UK later this October, which will “follow the release of her new album 100 Miles From Memphis on July
19. The shows will see Sheryl debut a new live band and unveil her soul
stylings. 100 Miles from Memphis is Crow’s seventh
studio album,” according to the Daily Mail.