Sheryl Crow Shows Off Her Little Man

May 24th, 2007 // 12 Comments

And what a cutie he is. Sheryl Crow is featured cradling her adopted son Wyatt on the cover of the latest issue of OK! Weekly. It’s nice to see that smile back on her face.

Sheryl Crow is wasting no time showing off her new bundle of joy – the rocker appears cradling adopted son Wyatt on the cover of this week’s OK! Weekly magazine in America. The singer/songwriter beams in the posed cover shot as a sleepy Wyatt lies in her arms.

Crow announced the news of her adoption on her website earlier this month, cooing, “I am so excited to share with you guys that I’ve adopted a little boy… he was born two weeks ago.”

In an interview accompanying the photos, Crow insists she won’t be rushing out too find her baby boy a daddy anytime soon.

The rocker, who broke off her engagement to cyclist Lance Armstrong last year says, “I’m having a great time dating… There is somebody but I’m not walking down the aisle.”

Congrats Sheryl, you’re going to be a great mom!

By Jessica Marx

  1. JC

    from Sheryl’s own website :

    Wyatt Breaks Cover
    Hi Everyone!

    Well, as you no doubt have seen, Wyatt and I did our first, and probably only, photoshoot for a magazine. I have always made it a practice to keep my private life out of the public light but to be honest, I was being heavily stalked by photographers who wanted the get the “first shot.” And rather than have someone I don’t know sell a shot to a magazine, we accepted OK magazine’s offer to make a generous donation to an amazing organization called the World Food Program in Wyatt’s name.. (Please visit their site by clicking on the name or pasting this in your browser

    So….Wyatt is now a humanitarian! Because he and I happened to catch an interview with Drew Barrymore on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer about this organization, we were inspired to get involved with the WFP.

    In a nutshell, this United Nations non-profit organization feeds millions of starving children at schools in third world countries as an incentive for them to attend school, which in turn might better their futures. They do so much more but I was so struck by this story that our relationship with the WFP was born, with the help of OK Magazine.

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. lookwhaticando

    He’s a real cutie pie, Good for her for giving a child a chance at a good life.

  3. pizda

    Seems odd, she went from being engaged to being a mother within a year. I guess something to fit the void. Fuckign celebrities. Just buy that another expensive property/car/yacht. Hopefully, she turns out to be fit to little Wyatt.

  4. pizda

    Seems odd, she went from being engaged to being a mother within a year. I guess something to fit the void. Fuckign celebrities. Just buy that another expensive property/car/yacht. Hopefully, she turns out to be fit to little Wyatt. He will only grow up into another narcisstic, spoiled, celebrity brat.

  5. Margaret

    pizda – your double posting (have patience) is rather insenstitive. Sheryl said in her interview that she started the adoption process when she finished radiation for breast cancer. That was about this time last year. She had thought about it for a while prior to that. She’s 44, wanted a child, so what is your problem? Had she stayed with Lance, a child would have been from artificial insemmination anyway, since Lance is sterile from all the chemo and radiation he received from cancer treatment. Lance froze his sperm prior to the treatments he had. I have no doubt that had she stayed with Lance and had a biological child from artificial insemmination, you have still bitched. To add to your limited information about Sheryl Crowe – she is a very nice, sensitive and caring lady and a humanitarian as well as a rock star.

  6. Now THAT’S how you help people.

    Jolie should take note.

  7. Tonysgirl

    cute baby….wyatt looks just like her.
    I wish them both the best luck ever.

  8. She’s gonna have a nanny anyways
    Tony’s girl you realize they share no genes and practically all baies look the same at that age

  9. celia

    so finally she has a man who will love her unconditionally.

  10. WFP

    “I work for the World Food Program ( and I think what
    she is doing is great. She should be congratulated for it. More people die
    of hunger related causes than HIV aids, malaria and tuberculosis combined!
    The World Food Program is currently feeding over 20 million children each
    year however thousands more still die from hunger every single day. We need
    more help like this”

  11. grace

    I’m sorry, I just can’t jump on the bandwagon. It seems like the latest craze…fad? Is celeb/hollywood types thinking they’ve “invented” motherhood. I’m not desparaging the fact that she has a child, all well and good and I wish her well. But, it just seems like this has gone a bit far. It’s not her that I’m having issues with……more with the media for finding this newsworthy. However, it does seem to be a status thing with stars.

  12. Grace

    Forgot to add that at least she adopted a baby from the U.S. Bless her for that.

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