‘Sherlock’ Shoots! Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman Are Super Stoked On Set [PHOTOS]

Benedict At The Globes
The Sherlock star & more men looking fly at the Golden Globes.
Sherlock season three is busy shooting and we can’t contain our excitement!

Stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman were spotted shooting in London yesterday (April 10) in front of their 221B Baker Street apartment. Look! Benedict is even sporting his deerstalker hat. I just wanna know how they bounce back from the ending last season!

Benedict and Martin were both super smiley on set. I mean, if you were as awesome as them and on the set of one of the greatest TV shows of all time (yeah, I just went there) wouldn’t you be super excited too? 

Also, please make sure you watch the video below! It’s relatively spoiler-free, other than telling us Sherlock is still alive. But just watching the other actors watching Benedict be all Sherlockie is amazing. They’re so lucky they get to be near him. And near Martin. I’m not picking favorites! Yet!

Check out all the awesome photos from the set in the gallery. Alright folks, how do we think Sherlock comes back? Clearly Watson isn’t too fazed by it anymore in these scenes. Leave us your guesses in the comments!

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