Shayne Lamas Is Pregnant

Having been married for just over a year to a fella she’s know equally as long (give or take twelve hours), Shayne Lamas announced via Twitter that she and hubby Nik Richie are expecting their first baby together.  According to Us Magazine,  Lamas tweeted earlier today, “The Lamas-Richie family is happy, healthy and definitely pregnant.”

PHOTOS: Shayne Lamas Marries Nik Richie (Again) In Cabo San Lucas

Lamas released exclusive photos of herself to TMZ.  She’s apparently several months along, but all we’re seeing is an arched back and a fervent attempt to stick out one’s flat tummy (and may I ask why the lips are so unnaturally pouty?)  Nonetheless, it’s wonderful news to hear about the miracle of life.  The couple have kept quiet as of late, which hopefully means they’re getting along.  Keep it together for the kid, you two.  Or at least until you land another reality show.  We just couldn’t get enough of Leave It To Lamas.