Shave It

Nope. No. No thanks. Check, please. This is not the time for a mountain man moment. Here’s Jake Gyllenhaal with an actual beard instead of Reese. Just kidding. In reality, it appears as though he and Reese Witherspoon might actually still be dating despite reports that they had ended their “secret” relationship. And would you believe it was Rufus Wainwright and Princess Leia who might have helped them to reunite? They touched base at a party at Carrie Fisher’s house thrown in Rufus’ honor. He played a gig at the Hollywood Bowl that paid tribute to Judy’s Garland’s 1961 Carnegie Hall performance. Gay, gay and more gay. Rufus puts my ass to sleep, but maybe he does it for these two.

A source said, “Jake and Reese were sitting by the fire all night, talking. Everyone was talking, laughing and celebrating Rufus, but they were deep, deep in conversation. It was like there was no one else in the world.”

Jake, 26, and Reese, 31, reportedly attended the music concert with the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ star’s director father Stephen Gyllenhaal and his actress godmother Jamie Lee Curtis, adding weight to speculation the pair are getting serious.

Fireplace? It’s like 7000 degrees here in Boston. Global warming is screwing up our lives. God, everyone knows everyone! It’s Hollywood heaven! It’s a who’s who of confused and tangled sexuality in that place. Prudes, closeted gays, out gays, hermaphrodites. If this party had been during Carrie’s drug heyday, everyone would have been coked to the gills and exploring free love in all its various permutations!