Sharon Stone Offers Oral Sex Advice To Young Girl

Instead of spreading her message of peace in the United States, as Sharon Stone did in the Middle East, she’s spreading her message of oral sex. And why shouldn’t Ms. Stone share her extensive knowledge of oral sex with the youth of America? It’s a skill that everyone should have, just like being able to swim.

Actress Sharon Stone is adamant teenagers should be prepared to engage in oral sex, if it saves from them the dangers of unprotected penetrative sex. The actress spends much of her time away from Hollywood working as an activist raising AIDS awareness, and she always carries condoms with her to hand out in a bid to increase safe sex levels. She explains, “I was in the store the other day and I watched a young girl trying on clothes, showing her abdomen. “Her mother was trying to talk to her about not being inappropriately luring. I said, ‘Gee that would look much nicer with a camisole under.’ “Her mother walked away, and I said to the girl, ‘I’d like to give you a two-minute conversation about sex.’ “Young people talk to me about what to do if they’re being pressed for sex? I tell them (what I believe): oral sex is a hundred times safer than vaginal or anal sex. “If you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I’m not embarrassed to tell them.”

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