Sharon Stone Re-enacts Her Most Famous Role

April 7th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Sharon Stone spoke at the Sorbonne in Paris yesterday, and gave a show. I love this broad. She’s 50 and fabulous and highly irrational. Look at the faces and all the crazy going on. Even the French must be like “Cette chienne est fou, mais on l’adore!” Yeah, I have access to Google Translate.

Sharon was attending the Cité de La Réussite. It’s a forum held ever year in Paris, concerning topics ranging from culture, to the economy, philosophy and politics. And vagine flashing and menopausal crazy actressin’!


8 more photos of Sharon Stone at the ‘Cite de la Reussite’ meeting at La Sobronne after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. GOB

    What no beaver shot, she’s famous for only that. Talk about the original Kardasshian of film.


  2. Alek

    Hello, let me be your French expert. They don’t use chienne in the same flip manner as Americanese do with bitch.

    Instead next time try: “nana” which is colloquial for woman, or if you want to go negative (you, never!) “petasse” or “poufiasse” for very loose woman.

  3. Damn!

    I wish I looked that good NOW, in my twenties. She is gorgeous, I’ll give her that. A little crazy, for sure, if she’s flashing the kitty. Oh ya: How come we never see her with her kids, though?

  4. She is very famous for her kindness also. She do many helps to the woman who living with herpes on our herpes community. And many of the women had find their matches

  5. Zekers

    Holy Shit! Now spammers are from Herpes sites??? What’s next,

    Sharon looks great! She’s always been loosely wrapped, it works for her…at least she’s wearing kitty-covers.

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