Sharleen Spiteri Is The New Shanna Moakler

Yay! I love reading stories about people refusing to take shit from professional oxygen thief, Paris Hilton. Most recently, she tried to pull some shit at a West End party in London thrown by Vanity Fair. From The Mirror:

The stuck-up hotel heiress was cut down to size by Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri in an amazing four-letter bust-up after Michael Jackson’s disastrous comeback show. Paris, 25, sparked the row by wrongly accusing Sharleen of showering her with ice – and called her a “f***ing ugly idiot”. But the no-nonsense Scot, 39, brandished a fist in Paris’s face and bellowed back at her to send her packing. Minders pulled them apart but one witness said: “Sharleen looked ready to punch her.” Another guest revealed yesterday: “Sharleen pulled her fingers into a fist and screamed: ‘F*** off, I’m not scared of you’.

Seriously, what did Paris think she was going to do? She must have forgotten that she doesn’t actually fight–she just fucks other people’s men. I’m sure after she wobbled away from the scene she thought to herself, “This is weird. Usually, this ends with my panties in my purse.”

Photos of Paris Hilton with some fans and talking on her cellphone are after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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