Shar Jackson and K-Fed Are BFF

Wow. Here’s Shar Jackson at an audition for a community theater production of “Dreamgirls” in Encino. Actually, it’s not quite as auspicious. She’s actually probably just walking the red carpet for yet another Hollywood event–I’m guessing the launch of an new energy drink, or brand of matches. Who knows? If you throw out a patch of red carpet here, then you can rest assured, they will come.

Shar’s recently been chatting with People magazine because I guess she has an album coming out and is starring in a horror movie that’s set to be released in the near future. And she’s been chatting about her ex, Kevin Federline, and how she feels he is “like [her] best friend.” Now that’s a depressing thought.

When asked how his two boys from ex-wife Britney are doing, she goes on to defend Kevin’s honor, saying, “I’ve always said he’s an amazing father … it’s just now people decide they want to listen.” And also cause all these other villains (*ahem* Sam lufti and the gang) showed up and now he can’t help but look better by comparison. Just a thought.

Photos: WENN