Shannen Doherty Will Return To 90210

March 12th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Thank God, because 90210 part deux is desperately in need of a good dollop of Aaron Spelling-era so bad it’s good familiarity. Thank the trashy T.V. heavens above Shannen Doherty doesn’t have any more high brow projects, cause mama’s coming back to Beverly Hills!

According to E!, Shannen spilled the beans at yesterday’s Race to Witch Mountain premiere. Her infamous bitch face will be stirring up early 90s goodness on the season finale. YES!

While we love Anna Lynn McCord — who somehow has been reigned the paparazzi, media darling of the 90210 2.0 era — some good old-fashioned Brenda/Kelly boy swapping and cheesy insult spewing is as nostalgic to us as neon, sprayed bangs and scrunchies.

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By Melissa Noble

  1. Lucifer

    Good! Who needs Kelly & Donna … I mean really?

    I hope Brenda wreaks havoc like the good ol’ dayz.

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