Shannen Doherty Danced Her Last Dance

While Kate Gosselin gave a cringe-worth performance and berated her dancing partner on Dancing With the Stars on Monday, Gosselin shrieked with delight last night as she was safe from elimination. Instead Shannen Doherty was sent home despite all the reasons she should win.

“I think that dancing isn’t really my thing,” said Doherty, who went on the show for her dad who is recovering from a stroke and was excited to see her dance. “I’m an actor and it’s what I love to do.” Her partner Mark Ballas was also hurt, with a muscle in his knee separated from the bone (ow!) and would have needed to be out for a least six weeks.

“I did this for my dad and I did exactly what I wanted,” she said as her parting words. “And I think it’s fate, my partner is hurt.” Fate schmate, how could people prefer Kate over Shannen?

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