Shania Twain’s Wedding Photos

January 4th, 2011 // 2 Comments

The pictures are here!

We told you a few days ago that Shania Twain wed Frederic Thiebaud January 1st in Puerto Rico.  I must say, the two best-looking people emerged together from that messy disaster (this is a gossip blog.  I’m allowed a smidge of superficiality).  The couple wed at sunset in front of 40 friends.  Twain’s nine-year-old son, Eja, gave her away, according to the Daily Mail.

Twain and Thiebaud were first friends before falling in love.  The country singer reached out to that handsome devil after it was discovered that her husband was having an affair with Thiebaud’s wife back in 2008.  The singer said on her personal blog December 21st (the day the engagement was announced), “Frederic Nicolas Thiebaud has been a true gift to me as a compassionate, understanding friend and over time, an amazing love has blossomed from this precious friendship.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Shania Twain Frederic Thiebaud Sunset Wedding Photos
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    January 1, 2011, sillypuss!

  2. Shania Twain Frederic Thiebaud Sunset Wedding Photos
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    Way to go Shania, Mutt is going to eat dirt for what he did to you.
    From one Candian girl to another!

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