Shakira Promotes Universal Education

Firstly, totally adorable!  That being said, hate the outfit.  But at least she looks comfortable, which is more than I can say about that little Versace number at the AMA’s.  My thighs are chafing just looking at it!

Enough about my fat thighs!  Let’s discuss how beautiful Shakira is on the inside!

The Colombian chanteuse spoke to the Oxford University debating society in England yesterday about the importance of education in the developing world.  For the record, Shakira is a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador.  Recognize!

It’s not hard to be convinced of Shakira’s resplendence, but if I get that ‘anything you want in the world’ song stuck in my head one more time, I swear a murderous rampage of epic proportions will ensue.  Then Shakira will feel sorry for me and write a song about my situation and donate all proceeds to hire a legal team that will rewrite the Constitution to include having a song stuck in your head as justifiable homicide.  The end!

Gallery info: Shakira wearing an unfortunate outfit at a talk at the Oxford Union in Oxford, England on 12/7/09.