Shakira May Have One Super Cutie Baby, But She’s Still Got A Headache Of A Lawsuit

Shakira Kisses Gerard
Shakira and Gerard PIque's public PDA session!
Oh to be Shakira, Shakira, Shakira.

The international popstar was looking fabulous yesterday (August 15) as she and her little man Milan were spotted leaving Los Angeles. Look at how big Milan has gotten! This is a much better look than we got last time, so we finally get to see how cute he’s gotten.

So basically, everything is great about being Shakira right now except for one thing. That super obnoxious $250 million lawsuit she’s got from her ex-boyfriend. 

You do remember that, don’t you? Basically, the guy is asking for a whole lot of money based on the fact that he helped make Shakira famous. At least that’s what he claims. Shakira says it’s all BS, and we’re inclined to agree. Come on dude, let Shakira enjoy her baby and just be awesome.

Launch the gallery to check out all the adorable photos of mother and son. It’ll be really fun because we’ve got some brand-spanking new galleries that are super fun to click through! Think Shakira’s ex should drop the suit? Sound off in the comments!