Shakira & Her Leather Shorts: Fashion Do Or Fashion Don’t?

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Shakira reveals first picture of son Milan
There’s no denying that Shakira is one funky lady and her unique sense of style was definitely showing last night as she and the rest of the judges from The Voice appeared on Extra.

Shakira wore quite the funky outfit for her television appearance. Clearly the big stand out is her leather short shorts. I did not realize that leather pants were such a thing. Also, is it just me or do the shorts look like leather basketball shorts? Shakira topped off her look with a navy tank top under a fishnet shirt, a chunky silver chain and studded stilettos.

Personally, there’s just a whole lot going on in this outfit. I think individually the pieces could have been really cute, but putting them all together isn’t really doing it for me. 

Luckily, Shakira is gorgeous and her post-baby bod looks amazing. Also, Shakira! You brought your baby to work once, can’t you bring him back to work again?

OK friends, now the decision is in your hands. Was Shakira’s outfit last night a fashion do or a fashion don’t? Let us know what you think of her outfit by taking our poll below!