Shakira Beams In Spain With Her Hot New Man!

Ever since Shakira broke up with Antonio de le Rua, she hasn’t let a day go by feeling gloomy. Instead, she just went out and found an even cuter boyfriend. Tall, dark and handsome Gerard Pique seems to be the apple of Shakira’s eye and maybe even the key to that beauty glow she always seems to have! According to Daily Mail, last month the 24 year old Tweeted about her new beau by posting a picture of the two of them.

‘I present to you my sunshine.’ Shakira Tweeted.

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Seen here, Shakira and her boyfriend Gerard Pique, are photographed during a romantic lunch today in Barcelona, Spain on April 15th. Shakira traveled to Barcelona to meet her boyfriend after having spent some time apart. The couple looks very much in love. After their lunch the couple were greeted by fans. I’m loving her gorgeous sandals and comfy white attire! She is positively floating!