Shailene Woodley And Theo James Keep It Casual At The ‘Divergent’ Premiere In Madrid

Shailene & Theo
'Divergent' co-stars Shailene & Theo promote the flick
A lot of my favorite stars have been attending their movie premieres lately, and between Noah and Divergent, I’ve seen some pretty awesome red carpet appearances so far.

This time around through, Shailene Woodley and Theo James decided to keep it a little more casual.

Shailene and Theo recently attended the European premiere of their movie Divergent in Madrid, but unlike previous premieres, their outfits were hardly red carpet worthy. Not that they didn’t still look great – they did. Especially Theo, because let’s be honest, he always looks great. 

For the premiere, Shailene was wearing dark wash skinny jeans, an oversized tan sweater, and black rain boots. Yep, rain boots. Talk about casual. I know Shailene prides herself on a pretty natural lifestyle, but this seems a little extreme.

Theo wore jeans, a gray cardigan, and a gray button up sweater. That man could wear literally anything and I’d think he’s sexy. Just look at that face. I mean, have you seen him shirtless?

Shailene and Theo are busy promoting their movie, and also defending it. When they heard that people were comparing the movie to The Hunger Games, another movie based on a dystopian novel, they were quick to disagree. “The story lines are inherently very different. At the end of the day, it’s like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek.”

I guess we should all go see the movie and see if we agree with them!